Graf class

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Back near the beginning of the year, I decided to try and take a picture a day. I had my little point + shoot canon and gradually became driven to distraction by my surroundings. There was just so much of interest—odd, beautiful, ugly, contrasts, moments, light, little internal dialogues I’d have with my mind and what I was seeing. I had no set theme or focus for what I would shoot and consciously made the decision to let the pictures present themselves rather than give them boundaries to fit in to. Despite myself, I would get on kicks – like the “Busker series”—but something that crept up on me without me realizing was my growing attraction to scribbles, scrawls, stenciled, wheatpasted, labeled, stickered, and spray painted art. It became like a treasure hunt. I began walking through streets and neighborhoods I’d never explored before. I started exploring period. To be continued…

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