Hello August!

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This day should be split in to several. It was so  choc-o-block full of good and fantasticness.

What a great way to start August. Great for any day for that matter!
Started off with a clean sweep of the house. f.i.n.a.l.l.y.
No more furry tumbleweeds, stained stove, and edible kitchen floor. *yay*

So with that done, @missjennyjenny came knocking on the door to go check out the Hayes Valley Farm. What they have achieved there and continue to work on is inspiring. A lot of hard work has gone in to what they’ve made so far and there will be more so if you want to get your hands dirty, they’re taking volunteers!

Major bonus: they’d picked up the leftovers from the Alemany farmer’s market and were giving away gorgeous produce. Scored a ton of tomatoes (heirlooms!), squash, fava beans, and some beautiful ivory, yellow, and green peppers.
Quick stop at @SamovarLife for some refreshing Lavendar and Jasmine Iced Lemonade.
Then on to Out Side Art.
This was an event to raise money for youth and the arts.
I went primarily to see the artists in action but got mesmerized by some super cool little terrariums a guy had made and boiled wool creatures by another artist. That’s not saying the main attraction wasn’t great–it was. Oh, and the music too!
After a bit of walkabout, I find myself stumbling upon the LevisWorkshop!
Bestill my beating heart. Wood type everywhere. Letterpresses. All there to play with. drool.
I think I might have even said something like “This beats the Old Spice guy”… (In retrospect, they’re two very different things and Mr. Old Spice Guy, please don’t take offense. I’m still available if interested.)
The kicker here? Drew, from the @levisworkshop, had tweeted earlier about a competition to win a Tommy Guerrero Poster printed recently by Jason Munn and Dirk Fowler of creative forge. So I stumble upon and I am given one of these beautiful posters.
Need I say more?
A great day.