How To: Make Pop Rocks

Posted in: life, science- May 07, 2011 Comments Off on How To: Make Pop Rocks

Do you remember eating Pop Rocks as a kid? I do. It was like a chemistry experiment exploding in my mouth every time I ate them. I thought that eating Pop Rocks was just one of those things from the ’80s that parents let us do, like riding in the car without a seat belt. You know, one of those things that parents these days would never allow.

Life cereal’s: “Mikey Likes It!“, Freshen Up, and Pop Rocks are all cemented in my childhood memories of the ’70s (along with the rumor that little Mikey died eating Pop Rocks and Coke!) While Life is still available at your local grocery store, Freshen Up? Well, I think the advertising community realized … but Pop Rocks!? Now you can make your own!  How To: Make Pop Rocks | Bit Rebels.