Habit Design

Posted in: behavior change, habit design- Jun 28, 2011 Comments Off on Habit Design

I went to the inaugural Habit Design meetup last week and as part of an experiment, we were all asked to think of a habit we’d like to start. We were instructed to start with something really simple that could take a minute or two a day so that it felt doable and wasn’t setting ourselves up for failure.

My habit: take a walk around the dog park after work and before coming home. Pretty simple.
I found one of my primary motivators was another participant whose habit was to draw something each day and it was just seeing his drawing uploaded to twitter each day that kept me going. When he stopped posting his doodles, I felt somewhat deflated and, while not entirely connected with his stopping, I began slacking on my walks and eventually just stopped.

What I realized though was how important it was to know others were joined in a similar effort. That each day they had the intention to do something and in doing so, supported me in my intention.

Here’s my favorite doodle of my main motivator 🙂