The Science of Attention

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As long as we focus on the object we know, we will miss the new one we need to see. The process of unlearning in order to relearn demands a new concept of knowledge not as thing but as a process, not as a noun but as a verb. —Cathy Davidson

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I’m not an expert in this area of study but much has been said about “what you focus on grows bigger” – and it’s true! One thing I’ve played with (which isn’t really what this article is about but interesting to me nonetheless) when working out is how my vision impacts my stamina. It started when I used to go down to Crissy Field every morning for a walk and I began to get pains in my ankles. I found that if I closed my eyes, the pain would go away. I have nothing to prove this but my experience is that if I close my eyes, all distractions are taken away and I become more in tune with my body which in turn leads to better alignment.

I try this at the gym as well. I’m visually assaulted by multiple TVs each playing different stations. If I focus on these TVs, I often notice my stamina decreases. If I close my eyes and focus on my body, there is usually a wealth of energy to be found that wasn’t accessible with my eyes open.

What we choose to focus on invariable affects us. Choose wisely!

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