Hip Hop for Health

Posted in: behavior change, health, music, nutrition, urban farming- Sep 22, 2011 Comments Off on Hip Hop for Health

My bodyworker, Felix Payomo (I call him “the body whisperer”), tweeted a link to a video of a rapper rapping about wheatgrass. My first reaction was: honestly?? A rapper rapping about wheat grass??? Seriously?

What you need to know about Felix is he’s a seriously cool guy. He and his wife have four awesomely talented kids–all home schooled. He works like every minute and loves what he does like nobody I know. His relationship to the body is like nothing I’ve ever experienced (hence, my moniker). So while I usually would have not given one second of attention to a link about a rapper rapping about wheat grass, it was coming from Felix. So I did.

His exact tweet: greenforall.org/blog/just-rele… <—Gyeah.

Nuff said. I had to check it out.

Now for confession time: I have a strong cynical streak and I can sometimes be too quick to judge. So yeah, this came pre-sanctioned by the Felix-factor and I’m glad I didn’t act on that initial reaction. I will now eat humble pie and hope you all check out this this video and support the artist’s work!

Read + see more! Just released: “Wheat Grass”, a new green Hip Hop video from DJ CaveM, Green For All Fellow — Green For All.