Making things pretty

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The design process illustrated:

I’ve often struggled to explain the design process. It’s anything but linear and most folks like a neat row of bullet points that lay out an easy “1-2-3” process. What I do know is the more information I have, the better the solution will be. Information is critical to understanding the challenge and both inspires and informs.

One of my pet peeves is when people say designers “make things pretty”. Well, yes we do and that’s an awesome skill in and of itself but what exactly is “pretty”? It’s taking all the pieces and putting them together in a coherent, strategic, intuitive, and aesthetic way which will meet the end audience’s needs and deliver on business goals.

Few realize the role critical thinking plays in successful design. Unfortunately, I think this is probably a societal shortcoming–one which has wider and more serious ramifications as art and music are being stripped from school curriculums.

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Image above via: Design Sojourn.