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“Self-regulation failure,” Baumeister argues, “is the major social pathology of our time.”

…The irony is that the more conscious effort you expend to build new behaviors — the more you use will and discipline — the quicker you burn down your reservoir, and the more likely you are to revert to your old behaviors.

That’s why the ultimate secret to self-control is to build something we call “rituals” — meaning highly precise behaviors, done at specific times, until they become automatic so they no longer drain your reservoir and undermine your capacity for self-control.

Food for thought. A part of me rebels against the idea that control is the most important skill. But I guess if it’s *self-control* — and what one is controlling is defined by oneself, then I’m ok with it. (Can you tell I have issues with authority?)

It is true though. I definitely feel better when I am in control of myself – of my diet, of habits that I deem positive – and that in turn effects how I perform at work and in life. So perhaps Tony has a point. What do you think?  Read on!  The Skill that Matters Most – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review.