On leadership

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Last year, I took a wonderful course at Stanford on Creativity and Leadership. It’s a course offered yearly and based on a book written in 1987. Yup, this gem (whose cover I cringe at but please–trust me–it’s a great book), has been around for 20+ years but it’s a book whose time has come.

Skillful leadership in my world has come to mean teamwork, collaboration, and perhaps most importantly, being able to identify and use the individual strengths of each person on your team. It means being imperfect and ‘fessing up to it when you (read: I) inevitably put your foot in it. True leadership calls for leaving your ego at the door and bringing your true power in. There’s a difference. Ego has pride and where’s there’s pride, there will be ulterior motives. True power, or your authentic self, is where your wisdom resides and it’s from here that real progress can happen.

I hope the CEOs and Presidents and all “People in Power” can hear the soft rumbling, can see the wisdom that lies in true leadership, and be courageous enough to lead in the new way.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject? Do you have people in your life that are great leaders? What makes them that way? What do you appreciate in a leader?

This rant brought to you by: Measuring Leadership is About EQ, Not Just IQ; The Top 10 Emotionally-Intelligent Fortune 500 CEOs | Sustainable Life Media.