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What’s harder: concepting, developing, and marketing a breakthrough product or making a huge leap forward in an existing market?

Totally the breakthrough product, right? But thinking out loud here, I’d have to say it wasn’t until I read this article on Method’s philosophy that I truly appreciated what it takes to innovate in a preexisting space.

Not only do you have to think outside the box, but you have to get yourself out of the box and forget everything you knew about whatever was is in that box–like a case of madly skillful voluntary amnesia.

If that’s not enough, you had to have started with the question: (in this case) how can I make handsoap sexy? How can I rethink handsoap so that all those metro-sexuals out there yearn for a teardrop-shaped purple container of handsoap?

Great experiences are about being human, and humans want to be surprised.

Well bravo, Method! You done did it. I was one of those folks. I got hooked on your soap and it drove me nuts when I couldn’t find the scent I wanted. That is until the next most awesomely designed and scented handsoap came out… But then, you did led the way so kudos to you. So what’s next?