You are your own worst enemy (and marketers know it)

Posted in: behavior change, human behavior, psychology- Oct 22, 2011 Comments Off on You are your own worst enemy (and marketers know it)

I have struggled most of my life against myself. Of course, I spent a healthy number of years blaming my parents, but it really comes down to me. Yup, I am my own worst enemy.

We all have our personal bête noires. Some of us have more than one just to keep it interesting. So how do we combat ourselves? We can learn all kinds of facts and figures about whatever it is that plagues us but when in “the grip” (that moment where the world disappears and all you can think about is that thing you must have or do or you will die), how do we summon that “other” who can choose the weaker, quieter impulse to resist?

The brain is a powerful thing. I’ll go so far as to say it’s the ultimate trickster. I can be hell bent on improving a habit but in the grip, I suddenly have a million reasons why I must have or do whatever it is. The grip obliterates any voice of reason or control. The grip possesses.

Anyway, I digress. This post was actually inspired by this great piece from Lifehacker.

While we all have to come to grips with our grips, we don’t have to let marketers take advantage of them. Hell no! Read this handy article to learn some of the ways we are being manipulated without our knowledge — as well as some of the ways we’re manipulating ourselves! It may not solve your problems, but at least you can be more aware of times where you can take back the control.


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