Being Human & The Bottom Line

Posted in: Design- Nov 01, 2011 Comments Off on Being Human & The Bottom Line

What makes for good great business? It’s not efficiency. It’s not savvy sales tactics. It’s not even a slick marketing campaign. Bill Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company magazine, puts forth the idea that perhaps the best thing for your bottom line may just be a touch of humanness.

His article in last month’s Harvard Business Review reminded me of a previous post I wrote on the value of being human. That value goes further than any sale, rebate, or perceived benefit of some shiny new product. If someone connects with you across a counter or over the phone, it makes more of a difference than any over-played sales promise.

This doesn’t mean that we can throw away all good business practices and get all touchy-feely, but when the human connection isn’t valued, for both the customer and employee, then the relationship to your brand and products will suffer.

Case in point: Zappos.