Feel Good Friday! (keepin’ it simple)

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Happy day after Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a day with people you love (even if they know how to push your buttons better than anyone else on earth — those are the ones that count).

I just came across two awesomely cute and feelgood things. Nothing deep. Just fun. Enjoy!


Wouldn't be right without a little Pie humor! (via loyal army + kqedscience















(Props to Scoutmob who’s deal today is 50% off Loyal Army. I’d never seen Brian Dowd’s wonderful world of cute before and have fallen in love with just about every character. Oddly, I just realized this post contains nothing of his work but everything found in it was from his blog. So here, here is something of Mr. Dowd’s (in case you want to get me something for christmas.)