Working for _______

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A general strike is planned for in Oakland today. Some Oaklanders and I have joined forces to start Working For ______ which grew out of our interest in supporting small businesses who are part of the 99%. We agree with the goals of Occupy Wall Street, and know that local, independent business owners are just the kind of people who are being harmed by the actions of giant multinational corporations.

Many of our local businesses and employees are sympathetic to the goals of OWS but cannot afford to close for the general strike. Many teachers also support OWS and are finding diverse ways to participate.

So we created an emblem that identifies independently-owned, Oakland businesses. The idea is that these businesses can post the emblem in their stores so people will know they are supporting a local shop.

But it goes beyond Oakland’s borders. The 99% percent are all the small businesses in each of our communities. It’s our neighbors, ourselves, and the people we interact with on a daily basis. It’s even the people behind the partition at your local branch of <insert big bank name here>. For this reason, we’ve created more marks to include Berkeley, Emeryville, Richmond, Albany, and San Francisco — and it will continue to grow. A site is in the works so no matter where you live and work, you can create your town’s “Working For” logo. Stay tuned — it should be coming soon and please pass this on!

Visit Working For ______ on facebook to download one of the emblems below.