Day 1: 30 Days with a Grateful Heart

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I’m sitting here in the Seattle airport with 2 hours until my flight leaves. So of course I go over to Facebook to see what my friends are up to. My friend Betsy posted a beautiful note about the gratitude she has for her husband and their relationship. Her post is the first of 30 and is inspired by Bless Her Heart: 30 Days with a Grateful Heart (2011) – Wanna Play?.

What a wonderful wonderful thing to have found after a hard, beautiful, quiet, and connecting visit with my Mum.

Thank you Betsy for leading the way <3
And yes, I want to play.

Day one: December 2, 2011
Today, I am so incredibly grateful for my mother. A wise, seeking, honest, vulnerable, strong, beautiful, courageous, generous, and magic woman*.

Joyeuse Mum & MatMy beautiful mother and me

*not to mention obstinate, willful, stubborn, and opinionated! Can I blame her for that?