Grateful Heart: Day 12

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Just because today was ordinary, doesn't mean the time wasn't fun

Today was a completely normal day. There was nothing super great, horribly perturbing, or otherwise standout-ish. But I feel happy at the end of this normal day—and for that, I am so grateful.

My day

6:30am: I had a difficult workout this morning (do you ever have those mornings where you feel like you’re wading through quicksand? That’s how I felt) but connected with someone at the gym who always makes me smile

10am: picked up clothes and toy donations from a colleague for the family the company I work for is trying to provide for this holiday season (I was touched by the effort they took to fold each piece of clothing and the thought that went into packaging a box for the entire family–so much thought for someone they’ve never met!)

10:30am-5:30pm: had an average day at work but appreciated the people I work with for their positivity, sensitivity, and caring

6:00pm: had a great chat with my mum on the drive home (see Grateful Heart: Day 1)

6:30pm: got home to my fuzzy furry little loved ones (Day 6)

7:30pm: started dinner preps with a glass of delicious Sauvignon Blanc

And, well, the rest will be deliciously and wonderfully ordinary.

So today, I am grateful for today. A wonderfully normal and ordinary day.