Grateful Heart: Day 2

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I’m having to write this a day after the fact because by the time I got home last night, there was so much to be thankful for that I didn’t think I would be able to stay awake long enough to do it all justice.

Starting at the very beginning:
I’m grateful for learning how to wait, not listen to my inner curmudgeon, and not pressing send on a text that I’d tried to script for 15 minutes about why I wasn’t going to make it for a day of wreath making and wonderfulness.

I’m so grateful I listened to that quiet voice inside saying “Yes you can and you know you want to!” rather than the other voice saying “I’m so tired. Let’s just stay home.”

I’m grateful for the gorgeous greenery, berries, glitter, and other accoutrements collected so I could just show up and make a gorgeous wreath!

I’m grateful for googly eyes and nutmen/women, extraterrestrials, hot air balloons, and cocoons.

I’m grateful for great and terrible christmas music

For kids and kittens

For pregnant friends and lemon bars

For learning how to play Canasta whilst sipping delicious wine

For kids who cling to my legs when I’m trying to leave

And I’m so very grateful for the Merzenichs who spread more warmth, laughter, and love than they know

(And for a wonderful day that may not have happened had I listened to that other voice)