Grateful Heart: Day 23

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Part One

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to feed those less fortunate. 

Providing something as simple as a warm meal to someone who is living on the bare minimum or nothing at all is truly humbling.

When I initially sought out volunteer opportunities a week before christmas, I went to all the obvious organizations. Glide, Ronald McDonald House, OpenHand.  Thankfully, they were all “booked”. All volunteer positions were full—something I’m sure happens every Thanksgiving and Christmas when we are lulled out of our day-to-day routine and reminded to think of others and be thankful for what we have.

I’m due to leave in about an hour to start my 4-hour shift and I’m both grateful for the chance but also a bit scared. The Tenderloin area of San Francisco is home to the homeless—the most destitute and ill population. It is a cold reminder of life’s darkest sides.

I’ll update this later—but for now, I wish you a very merry christmas. Cherish the warmth and love that surrounds you—and if you get the chance, spread the joy. There’s never too much joy.