Grateful Heart: Day 26

Posted in: life- Dec 28, 2011 Comments Off on Grateful Heart: Day 26

Today I am grateful for healing hands.

There is nothing like the touch of someone who has the energy and ability to help your body find it’s proper alignment.

I have a bodyworker I go to on a regular basis who is one of these people. He takes no credit for his ability and merely says he’s listening to the body and facilitating realignment. That may be true but I would go on to say his listening ability is like a clairvoyant and his communication back to the body is phenomenal.

More recently, I’ve also been taking advantage of a massage therapist the company I work for brings in for 15-minute massages. This man is also gifted. He transforms a little side office into a space of tranquility and relaxation. Work and its related stresses quickly melt away and I am brought into the moment, into my body, and into my breath. The difference from when I walk in and 15 minutes later, walking out, is like two different worlds.

These people who help us bring focus, softness, and attention to our bodies and breath are such gifts. Thank you.