Grateful Heart: Day 27

Posted in: life- Dec 29, 2011 2 Comments

Today is simple and sweet—I am SO grateful for my camera, which I inadvertently poured water all over and let soak for ~20 minutes (don’t ask) and has come back to life!

I am grateful for my knowledgeable friends who provided a range of options from putting it in the oven at 200º to using a hair dryer to those little silica packets that come with a new pair of shoes and finally, the option I tried: burying my camera in a bowl of rice for three days. And it worked!

My camera has become a constant companion of mine. Last year I decided I wanted to take a picture a day. At that time, I had a trusty Canon SD800 which came with me everywhere. I did not leave home without it. I became addicted to documenting little things I saw on walks, on the train, in my backyard. It was as if I was giving voice to the world I saw.

As I became more and more aware of my surroundings, I grew to notice and appreciate street art —on sidewalks, derelict buildings, public transportation, everywhere. Walks became scavenger hunts. What would I find? What new piece of art would show up? It led me through parts of San Francisco I probably never would have gone to otherwise.


Then, one fateful day, after much use and abuse, my Canon SD800 died (see at left).

Contrary to this post, it’s replacement, the S95 has been much more well looked after. It hasn’t been used as much which is a shame but it’s a wonderful camera—and I still don’t leave home without it.

Thank you good luck, good fortune, good friends, and great camera 🙂 (and thank you to the world seen and unseen, to everything that allows itself to be captured and also to those shots that just can’t be caught “on film”. It’s been living with a camera that has helped me to see more.)