Grateful Heart: Day 28

Posted in: life- Dec 30, 2011 Comments Off on Grateful Heart: Day 28

Today I am grateful for Whole Foods (yes, I’m sorry) Full Fat Chicken and Ginormous Noodle Soup!

This stuff is my ultimate weapon whenever I feel a cold coming on—and lord knows, I’m not letting a stupid cold mess with my New Year’s Eve!

In addition to the above elixir, my arsenal includes a dash of yin chiao (preferably Dr. Shen’s), a heaping helping of elderberry lozenges (must be Natures Way Sambucus Black Elderberry Lozenges), and the requisite packet of Emergency-C or tab of Airborne (grapefruit is the superior flavor IMO).

And if all this fails, I turn towards the medicinal properties of whisky (actually, I prefer bourbon) and make up a reparative hot toddy (or two)!

Need I say I am grateful to have access to all these remedies? (I am).