Grateful heart: Day 3

Posted in: life- Dec 04, 2011 Comments Off on Grateful heart: Day 3

Wow. I have so much to be grateful for.

I set out today to do my weekly errands — buying food and provisions and stuff I really don’t “need”.

I am so very grateful and thankful to be able to afford it all.

And to add to this abundance…

A “handy man” who works at my company recently experienced the tragedy of losing his wife, leaving him with a newborn and two young children. He also lost his house. Takes my breath away.

The company I work for started a drive for clothes, food, and money and agreed to match whatever money was donated (awesome!!!). I overheard the organizer tell our CEO the response was overwhelming. To boot: I happened to post this to my facebook page and the response has been amazing. Really.

Today, I picked up a large load from a friend of books, toys, clothes, and an infant swing thingy–and there’s more to come from others I know — and people they know. Amazingly wonderful.

For all this, I am so very grateful.