Grateful heart: Day 4

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Today I am thankful for the world wide web (www).

Without WWW, I wouldn’t learn about such things as the power of swearing, how to blow the best bubble, or, well, almost everything these days!

From wrestling kittens, to my slavery footprint, to how to do just about anything work-related (and non-work-related).

It’s reconnected me with people I knew in grade school and with people I’ve never met.

It’s also paid my rent and allowed me to make a very decent living.

I can’t do the WWW justice in this wee post though I did find this funny image (that was obviously written by someone younger than I and to whose list I’d add the rotary phone, eight-track tape, VCR, answering machine, boom box, cassette tape, Walkman, Mork & Mindy, and Shrinky Dinks™. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Pokémon wasn’t around when I was a kid…) To think, many children will not have known life before the interwebs. The old story about walking 5 miles barefoot in the snow pales. Thank you WWW!