Grateful Heart: Day 6

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Sam + Nico. 










My furry wonder duo.
Giving thanks for these two is a no-brainer. There were many things (again) to be grateful for today but I am grateful for these guys everyday–which perhaps is all the more reason to name them.

I’m sure there are many things in my daily life I take for granted and don’t even think to be grateful for. I’m actually grateful most every day for my warm, on-demand, shower. Less so for the flushable toilet or sink to do dishes in. I’m never grateful for traffic I run into on the commute home which, if I look at another way, could be gratitude for having a job to commute home from, gratitude for having a car, gratitude for all the others sharing employment and the road with me.

Most everything can be “reseen” as something to be grateful for.

But today, I’m picking the obvious.
They bring me warmth, companionship, and little beings to care for (and I do believe they care for me in their own feline way 🙂 ).

So today, I’m thankful for these two little furry guys in my life.
They bring me so much that no human could and I love them each in their unique and quirky ways.