Grateful Heart: Day 9

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Today I am grateful for sugar. Yes sugar!

You can do so many great things with it—especially around the holidays. Perhaps it’s the holidays I love. Perhaps it’s that they give me a good reason to go sugar crazy or perhaps it’s the other way around. Either which way, I love sugar and I love this time of year when spending time with friends and loved ones becomes more precious and special—even more special when you spend that time doing something that involves sugar!

Today, we made just three of the millions of spectacular creations possible: Mint Meringues (with red stripes that make them look like candy canes—an amazing find by Martha. No, not THE Martha. My fabulous friend Martha.), White Trash Toffee Saltine Bark (oh lord, let me count the ways I love this stuff! It’s dead easy to make and shockingly delicious. Hat tip to my SIL for introducing me to this evilness), and amazingly tantalizingly delicious almond macaroons from a Nigella Lawson cookbook (i couldn’t find a link for the recipe as we took it direct from a cookbook not to mention Nigella had a fancier name for them but anyone who loves almonds will love these!).

So yes, I am thankful for sugar because it is so embedded in traditions this time of year—and I am thankful for those in my life who have built traditions that bring us together.

I am thankful for those who suggest a day of cookie making (and packaging for presents).

I am thankful for all those crazy “kids” out there roaming the streets in a Santa garb because it’s probably SantaCon today (I only found out about it last year by stumbling upon the SantaCon finish line in North Beach and wondering at the remarkable numbers of drunken Santas…).

I am thankful for wreaths, and hot totties, and good cheer.

I wish it were year-round—though perhaps I can be thankful it’s not for then it wouldn’t be so special.