Grateful Heart: Days 16, 17, and 18

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I have been remiss in my gratitude posts. Not because I haven’t had much to be grateful for — but because I have had so much to be grateful for!

So forgive me if I lump a few days into one stream-of-thought gratitude-dump.

The future is very sparkly (and blue)

For these last three days I am grateful for my friends. I am grateful for their thoughtfulness, heart, creativity, unique character, and kind hearts. For their spirit and joy and love of a good party. For their impeccable taste in food and beverage (that never takes itself too seriously).

I am grateful for manicures and the unexpected “lift” it gave me from feeling like a soggy six to at least a healthy 8. Who would have thought having pretty colors on your fingertips (and toetips) could make you feel just a bit better about yourself?

Cozy bed-fellows: two cats and a book

I am grateful for lazy days (following crazy days) where I have the best of bed mates and no reason to leave the house. For overcast mornings that give me permission to sleep in and afternoon sun that casts beautiful shadows.

For books that take the imagination across the world and into worlds I could never have imagined.

And for Mondays—a return to routine. A routine of mornings at the gym, then on to interesting work, talented colleagues, and an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. A routine which helps me to improve every day. Routines are generally frowned upon but for me, routine, for the most part, is a welcome song.