FGF: The Power of a Smile

Posted in: Feel Good Friday, health, neuroscience- Jan 27, 2012 Comments Off on FGF: The Power of a Smile

Smiling is powerful indeed. Have you ever noticed the difference in how you feel about a stranger pre and post smile? There’s a woman at my gym who always has a stern look on her face. I had pegged her as a mean, most likely unlikable person. But one day our eyes met and she smiled—and instantly, my whole impression of her changed. She was suddenly this different, warm, nice person. All because of a smile.

According to a recent study at Princeton University, smiling can also make you appear more competent, likable, and courteous.

And if that’s not enough, smiling makes you healthier and happier (without the calories* :))

So smile already and spread the joy! Because when you smile, you might be firing another’s mirror neurons and making them smile despite themselves.


 *One smile can stimulate the brain as much as 2000 bars of dark chocolate!