Falling in love with inspiring people

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This is a post about a post.

I love this post by Marya Zilberberg.

Marya (I hope it’s ok we’re on a first-name basis) recently attended TEDMED and has posted a brief review of her experience with links to a few of her favorite speakers who she “fell in love with”. I haven’t read about each person yet because what grabbed me was her description of “falling in love with” these people. I know so well that feeling of “falling in love” with someone who has just shared an intimate experience that makes you feel like you might be soulmates (or at least not a total lunatic), or who offers a new way of seeing that touches your heart, makes you hope, and/or inspires you to do great things.

Describing it as “falling in love” is so perfect. There’s been quite a few times that I’ve felt the same way but reframed the feeling into a more “appropriate” or “professional” parlance and in so doing, may have stripped away the very humanness, vulnerability, and essence of the experience.

So thank you Marya for being brave enough to call it what it is—love—and thank you Adam Dole who leads me to so many inspiring people—including himself.

Now, go read her post!