On Interconnectedness and Interdependence

Posted in: life- Apr 07, 2012 Comments Off on On Interconnectedness and Interdependence

“God is just what happens when humanity is connected. Humanity connected is God.” —Jim Gillian

I believe in higher beings but “God” comes with too many preconceived definitions and associations for me to embrace the name. That said, this incredibly moving talk by Jim Gilliam speaks to a truth I can fully embrace. Life is about connection and believe it or not, we are all connected.

And on the subject of interconnectedness, a few weeks ago I had the fortune to attend the Being Human 2012 conference. Many insightful and interesting aspects of humanity were discussed (which I’ll hopefully write about soon). Tiffany Shlain was there to show one of her newest endeavors, Declaration of Interdependence, which blew me away. Watch it full screen.