On death and sushi

Posted in: music- Jan 23, 2013 Comments Off on On death and sushi

I was just at lunch with a coworker and we were talking about sushi (I was having a rainbow roll). Her favorite used to be the Spider Roll made with softshell crab but she stopped eating it because she didn’t want the crab to be cooked alive.

Well, this started an informal survey of other co-workers about if and how they might kill a crab or lobster humanely. The results were split between “No, just dump them in the boiling water” and “Put a knife through their head”. Which left me wondering: does that last guy really know what he’s talking about? He kind of did.

But the real winner from our lunchtime conversation was remembering this video my 9 year old friend showed me the other day, Dumb Ways to Die (her favorite part: “catching piranhas with your private parts”). Enjoy!