Hearts, livers, & time travel, oh my!

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When people think of the heart, they think of a sweet, symmetrical red shape. Not only is it the only organ with a cute icon (), it also conjures up feelings of love, warmth, and kinship.

I’m pretty sure no other organ is as lucky—most certainly not the liver. 

When I think of liver, I think of the one food that makes me wretch.
That and bile, which is bitter and gross.
liverisnoheartPoor liver. It’s actually quite a magnificent organ. It cleans our blood filtering out all the toxins we put in, helps us absorb protein, and stores our backup fuel in the form of glycogen (it also has a hand in making sure we don’t bleed to death so thanks, liver!)

How do I know so much about the liver you may ask? The interwebs of course.

mdarby_timetravelI also happened to have a hot date with Dr. Darby, a liver specialist/master of time travel, this morning. The folks at Kaiser (where I’m doing this program) wanted to make sure it was safe to continue—and good news!!! Dr. Darby gave me the green light to continue.

He did recommend I work in some real food though so I’m getting a free ride to week 17 of the plan. Who says timetravel isn’t possible?

For those interested, this means I’ll cut back to 5 meal replacements a day and add in 4oz of lean protein and 1/2 cup cooked veg for a total of ~1045 calories/day (up from 960c). I’ll do this until the rest of the class reaches week 17 (another 8 weeks) and then we’ll all be on the same page.

Bottom line: weight loss will be slower but I’ll be healthy and won’t die—and that’s a good thing.