Week 10: Stuff is falling

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Stuff is falling!

Liver levels are falling*. Weight is falling. Even waffles are falling…(?) Luckily, I as a whole, am managing not to.

I found out my hip pain (did I mention I had hip pain?) is bursitis which is related to, if not caused by, abnormal patella tracking (a kneecap that won’t stay in place and makes this horrible grating noise when I go up stairs. Seriously gross). Luckily, the treatment for one will help the other and that is PT.

I’m just glad it’s not permanent damage to my hip from a lifetime of being overweight. I love fixable problems. My body is so clever. So clever I tell you! It had the discerning taste to rebel against this over-processed diet and is restoring itself beautifully with some fresh veg and protein. Frankly, I have abused it for much of its life and it just keeps showing up for me.

friends-fingers2When I smoked, cigarettes were the friends that were always there for me. When I overate, food was that friend. Same goes for when I drank. I’m not sure why substances needed/need to fill that hole but it seems it’s about time to start treating myself as that friend and take better care of this great body which has shown up for me time and again.

Me: February 18, 2014Week 10
Physical: -36.4lbs
weight = 276.7
first week = 313.1
blood pressure = 119/69
first week = 145/73
heart rate = 63
first week = 77
Mood: Happy. Positive. Grateful.

*For those interested, the normal range for ALT (alanine transaminase enzyme) is between 10—40 iU/L. As of 1/31/2014, my ALT had bust the roof at 259. After just one week of altering my diet, my levels are down to 146. One week people! Let’s here it for my awesome liver.