Week 12: Nuts!

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I’m staring at the most complicated (perhaps convoluted?) guide to transitioning back to food ever (see above).

213802-goodgrief_super<begin rant> It’s not just one chart, it’s not even one page! There’s the “Transition overview” which breaks things down into 4 weeks. There’s also the “Transition Servings Grid” which breaks things down to 6 days. Then there’s the guide of what foods I’m allowed to replace a meal replacement with and a separate guide of how much of that food I’m allowed. And finally, there’s a sheet that explains the serving sizes of the different food categories and what types of food fit in that category.

Good Grief! Nevermind! This food thing is way too complicated. </end rant>

zendudeOK, now that I got that out of my system… I have to believe these make sense. That there is a method to their madness. Perhaps they make it super complicated so we can obsess about configuring our daily intake? Who knows.

<begin admiration> I do know that I would recommend this program in a heartbeat. My teacher and fellow classmates are great. The teacher has created a space for each person to explore and learn the things they need to learn—no small task when you’re dealing with 18 people who all bring their unique issues to the table. She has allowed us to share our individual struggles, get ideas and feedback from the group, which has ultimately bonded the class as a support network that is so very necessary on any journey. I so appreciate that she hasn’t just been teaching a rigid doctrine. She has been facilitating an investigation. She is empathetic, supportive, helpful, and skilled. So I thank her and my classmates and while I have to start eating again (liver level troubles reared their ugly head again), I’m glad we have a good amount of time left together on this journey. </admiration continues>

And without further ado, things that weigh 40lbs! Woot!


Image courtesy of: http://degreesearch.org/blog/how-much-does-stuff-weigh/

And this jumping girl:


me_030514Week 12
Physical: -42.1lbs
weight = 271
first week = 313.1
blood pressure = 118/67
first week = 145/73
heart rate = 78
first week = 77
Mood: Positive. Happy. Hopeful.