Week 10: Stuff is falling

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Stuff is falling! Liver levels are falling*. Weight is falling. Even waffles are falling…(?) Luckily, I as a whole, am managing not to. I found out my hip pain (did I mention I had hip pain?) is bursitis which is related to, if not caused by, abnormal patella tracking (a kneecap that won’t stay in place […]

Is that mHealth in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

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Did you ever think you’d be carrying your doctor around in your pocket? No. Nor did I. But without knowing it, our cellphones have quietly become a device that holds so much potential that they very well may be your next primary care physician. As more and more technologies are embedded in them, innovators worldwide […]

Grateful Heart: Day 7

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Today I am feeling so grateful for the wisdom, humor, patience, love, care, insight, and help of my therapist. I have come to think of her more as an incredibly sage friend–one who has the unique ability of listening to what my head is saying and helping me translate it in to what my heart […]

Type + Craftiness + Hardware = *sigh*

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Today I will let you in on one of my geekier sides… DIY craftiness! I usually like making things that have a function, like these cool hypertufas my crafty friends and I made (these are still in their molds): Here’s a beautiful finished one that’s been left out to weather.           […]

Being Human & The Bottom Line

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What makes for good great business? It’s not efficiency. It’s not savvy sales tactics. It’s not even a slick marketing campaign. Bill Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company magazine, puts forth the idea that perhaps the best thing for your bottom line may just be a touch of humanness. His article in last month’s Harvard Business Review […]

I am not a cat lady

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I am a cat woman! Random cute awesomeness for your enjoyment:


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What’s harder: concepting, developing, and marketing a breakthrough product or making a huge leap forward in an existing market? Totally the breakthrough product, right? But thinking out loud here, I’d have to say it wasn’t until I read this article on Method’s philosophy that I truly appreciated what it takes to innovate in a preexisting […]

Making things pretty

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The design process illustrated: I’ve often struggled to explain the design process. It’s anything but linear and most folks like a neat row of bullet points that lay out an easy “1-2-3” process. What I do know is the more information I have, the better the solution will be. Information is critical to understanding the challenge […]

Catch it while you can

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Johnny Selman, BBCx365 Not completely satisfied with his awareness of world news, Johnny Selman set out with the purpose to inform the American public and increase cognizance of global current events to affect change in Americans by designing a poster a day for 365 days based on a headline taken from BBC each day. By creating […]

Holy Where Do I Go , Batman!?

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I’m heading down to Stanford for the Med 2.0 Summit and am reminded once again that navigating the campus is an IQ test unto itself. I’m just glad they don’t specialize in cartography – ’cause they’d be failing big time.