Week 12: Nuts!

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I’m staring at the most complicated (perhaps convoluted?) guide to transitioning back to food ever (see above). <begin rant> It’s not just one chart, it’s not even one page! There’s the “Transition overview” which breaks things down into 4 weeks. There’s also the “Transition Servings Grid” which breaks things down to 6 days. Then there’s […]

Week 10: Stuff is falling

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Stuff is falling! Liver levels are falling*. Weight is falling. Even waffles are falling…(?) Luckily, I as a whole, am managing not to. I found out my hip pain (did I mention I had hip pain?) is bursitis which is related to, if not caused by, abnormal patella tracking (a kneecap that won’t stay in place […]

9 weeks and 21 questions

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They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit give or take depending on who you ask. I say it’s taken 9 weeks for the cravings to subside—exactly three times as long. I have no idea of the significance but an interesting coincidence nonetheless. This begs the question, (1) can you break […]

Hearts, livers, & time travel, oh my!

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When people think of the heart, they think of a sweet, symmetrical red shape. Not only is it the only organ with a cute icon (♥), it also conjures up feelings of love, warmth, and kinship. I’m pretty sure no other organ is as lucky—most certainly not the liver.  When I think of liver, I think […]

Week 0: Here’s to being vulnerable

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Above: August 2008 (left) December 2013 (right) Several years ago I went on a medically-supervised diet and lost 120lbs. I got down to 172lbs and loved it! I’ve always been overweight and to feel my body light and strong, to be able to walk into normal clothing stores and buy (almost) whatever I wanted, to […]

Community, Health, & the Pursuit of Happiness

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It’s an odd thing when two seemingly disparate interests collide. When the “occupy” movement got me and few friends moving on a local level, it didn’t occur to be that it would in any way be connected to my ongoing interest in behavior change and psychology. My interest in behavior change has largely been driven […]

Hip Hop for Health

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My bodyworker, Felix Payomo (I call him “the body whisperer”), tweeted a link to a video of a rapper rapping about wheatgrass. My first reaction was: honestly?? A rapper rapping about wheat grass??? Seriously? What you need to know about Felix is he’s a seriously cool guy. He and his wife have four awesomely talented […]

Is weight-control no longer based on “calories in–calories out”?

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I normally don’t read “new studies on weight loss” because findings change from one day to the next and what was right yesterday will be disproven tomorrow (or so it seems). For whatever reason, I decided to read this article and for once, it has some new and interesting findings. Read on! Predicting How Diet and […]

Food Deserts

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There are 2.3 million people living in America with no car and without a supermarket within a one-mile radius. People living in these “food deserts” are often obese and unhealthy because they’re stuck eating junk food from the convenience store. Read + view interactive map: Food Deserts: An Interactive Map of the Places in America Farthest […]