Week 14: Creep

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I notice old habits creeping back. They do so very quietly and sneakily–or actually, they may very well be stampeding in with a battle cry of “we shall not die!” and I choose to ignore them because somewhere, not so deep inside, I welcome them back. Either way, I’ve noticed my tendency towards hoarding calories […]

Week 13: Heavy boots

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Well, poop. Just having a mild case of the bipolars over here… By all accounts, I had a stellar week. Tuesday through thursday, business as usual. Come friday evening, it was time for bookclub—one of my favorite things. Bookclub is an excuse to get together with a group of awesome women, drink, eat, and chat—about the […]

Week 12: Nuts!

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I’m staring at the most complicated (perhaps convoluted?) guide to transitioning back to food ever (see above). <begin rant> It’s not just one chart, it’s not even one page! There’s the “Transition overview” which breaks things down into 4 weeks. There’s also the “Transition Servings Grid” which breaks things down to 6 days. Then there’s […]

9 weeks and 21 questions

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They say it takes 21 days to form or break a habit give or take depending on who you ask. I say it’s taken 9 weeks for the cravings to subside—exactly three times as long. I have no idea of the significance but an interesting coincidence nonetheless. This begs the question, (1) can you break […]

2014: What I Be.

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What a most timely find. The “What I Be Project” is all about honesty. In today’s society, we are told to look or act a certain way. If we differ from these “standards,” we are often judged, ridiculed, and sometimes even killed over them. I started this project in hopes to open up the lines […]

Week 1: Hunger and Addiction

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Day 8 Well, as expected, I survived! In class, we were asked to find one word to describe our first week. My word was “miraculous” because of how many times I thought I was going to die but didn’t 😉 I even survived my first holiday party—granted I was clutching my soup bowl and obsessively […]

Move into it, Move through it

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1stly: Thank you my friends for the amazing show of support on my facebook page, here, and via email. What a truly unexpected response. I look forward to taking you along for the ride 🙂 My  first day of fasting: I feel a heavy quiet descending. The quiet that comes from removing the chatter of […]

Week 0: Here’s to being vulnerable

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Above: August 2008 (left) December 2013 (right) Several years ago I went on a medically-supervised diet and lost 120lbs. I got down to 172lbs and loved it! I’ve always been overweight and to feel my body light and strong, to be able to walk into normal clothing stores and buy (almost) whatever I wanted, to […]

23 and 1/2 hours.

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Ack! Alright then! < my initial reaction to this video Backstory: I used to exercise religiously. I would wake up every morning before dawn and walk the 10 minutes to the gym and exercise for an hour and half–50 minutes cardio, the rest strength training and stretching. I lost a lot of weight and loved […]

A manual to life

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I’ve often thought it would be helpful if, when we’re born, we were bequeathed a manual on how best to live—psychologically and physically. I mean, it’s not like I was the first baby to struggle through childhood, stomp through my teenage years, skip through my twenties, and, well, you get the idea. So here I […]