Week 6: Heavy

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It’s been a tough week. On this scale, I’m at about 5. I’ve been dealing with stronger cravings and although I said this diet is more about behavior change than weight loss, I think last week’s less than gratifying loss made this week harder. Without that “high” of losing weight, it’s hard to remember why […]

Week 2: Little Miss…

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Week 2 Guess what? I survived! Sorry, I guess that’s getting old but I’ve woken up today with a sense of lightness, relief, and happiness I haven’t necessarily been feeling over the last week. I would say my average mood was angry. I kept trying to figure out why I was angry or with whom […]


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Sorry, I’ve been remiss in posting all the cool things I’ve been reading, discovering, andorpersand learning about! Here’s just a quicky. A rich and meaningful quicky.