Grateful Heart: Day 20

Posted in: life- Dec 22, 2011 1 Comment

Today I am grateful for my path. I am grateful I continue to question, seek, listen, learn, and grow. I am grateful for the teachers in my life. For their challenges, support, humor, patience, wisdom, and love. I am grateful for those who bring laughter to my life and for those who bring introspection and […]

Ambient Intimacy, Human Contact, and Droids on Facebook

Posted in: human behavior, psychology, technology- Sep 28, 2011 No Comments

Ambient Intimacy is a phrase coined by Leisa Reichelt. It’s a term used to describe the feeling of connection, albeit virtual, we have developed on such sites as Facebook and Twitter. At first I thought this growing trend of feeling connected to someone while possibly never meeting or having a “real world” encounter with them, […]