Grateful heart: Day 5

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Yesterday was a day of open communication and saying my truth. It’s a scary thing to do but as Dr. Seuss says: It’s not always easy to do–to put oneself out there especially when there are emotions involved–so to have the opportunity to give voice to issues and concerns AND feel heard and acknowledged is […]

Ambient Intimacy, Human Contact, and Droids on Facebook

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Ambient Intimacy is a phrase coined by Leisa Reichelt. It’s a term used to describe the feeling of connection, albeit virtual, we have developed on such sites as Facebook and Twitter. At first I thought this growing trend of feeling connected to someone while possibly never meeting or having a “real world” encounter with them, […]

Drawing Autism: Self-Expression by Children & Artists

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…what is the actual experience of living with autism in a deep felt sense, beyond the social stereotypes and headline-worthy superskills? Drawing Autism, a celebration of the artistry and self-expression found in artwork by people diagnosed with autism, explores just that. Amazing works by exceptional people. View on! Drawing Autism: Self-Expression by Children & Artists | […]