Community, Health, & the Pursuit of Happiness

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It’s an odd thing when two seemingly disparate interests collide. When the “occupy” movement got me and few friends moving on a local level, it didn’t occur to be that it would in any way be connected to my ongoing interest in behavior change and psychology. My interest in behavior change has largely been driven […]

Working for _______

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A general strike is planned for in Oakland today. Some Oaklanders and I have joined forces to start Working For ______ which grew out of our interest in supporting small businesses who are part of the 99%. We agree with the goals of Occupy Wall Street, and know that local, independent business owners are just the […]


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Brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. While I’ll miss paper, the future is looking bright. The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo. Thanks to @jjbert for this one!

Levi’s Workshop Closing Party

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The Levi’s Workshop is a really cool concept connecting the company to the community. It was set up on Valencia and 17th for 2 months. During the week, they did classes and projects for the community and non-profits and on the weekend, anyone could go and print on their letterpresses and learn how to silkscreen. […]