On death and sushi

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I was just at lunch with a coworker and we were talking about sushi (I was having a rainbow roll). Her favorite used to be the Spider Roll made with softshell crab but she stopped eating it because she didn’t want the crab to be cooked alive. Well, this started an informal survey of other […]

Think Different.

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Yesterday Steve Jobs died. I was at work and I know I, for one, was confused by how this news hit me. I never knew Steve Jobs but his passing made me realize we’d in fact had an intimate relationship for over 20 years. From my first computer class at Parsons till this very moment […]

RIP little buddy

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Today my Canon PowerShot SD800 died. It has been a faithful friend. It was my first mini-digi and for a long time, the only camera I used. When I decided to take a picture a day at the beginning of this year, it braved all circumstances coming out in the wind, rain, fog, sand, you […]