Type + Craftiness + Hardware = *sigh*

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Today I will let you in on one of my geekier sides… DIY craftiness! I usually like making things that have a function, like these cool hypertufas my crafty friends and I made (these are still in their molds): Here’s a beautiful finished one that’s been left out to weather.           […]

Use an Aluminum Can as A Wi-Fi Extender

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Using nothing more than an aluminum can, a utility knife, scissors, and some adhesive putty, they’ve built a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender that only takes a few very simple steps to complete. I can’t wait to try this! Via the awesome @lifehacker,  learn how now! Use an Aluminum Can as A Wi-Fi Extender.

How To: Make Pop Rocks

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Do you remember eating Pop Rocks as a kid? I do. It was like a chemistry experiment exploding in my mouth every time I ate them. I thought that eating Pop Rocks was just one of those things from the ’80s that parents let us do, like riding in the car without a seat belt. […]