The future’s so bright

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It would seem that technology—its past, present, and predicting its future, is at the forefront of peoples’ thinking these days. A little over a week ago, the Institute for the Future laid out the Future of Science 2021 Map. A little over a month ago, Michell Zappa created his interactive table that plots out the direction of emerging trends in […]

For the love of big ideas

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I love big ideas. I love talking about the possibilities of science and technology. About evolution and the future. I love insights into human behavior—especially where the brain is concerned. And I know just enough about physics to think it’s mystical and sexy. Some folks got together at a conference hosted by Institute for the […]

If only I had a teleporter…

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We are on the brink of unimaginable technological change. The predictable acceleration of hardware, connectivity and sensors coupled with an unforeseen plethora of new business models and the need to tackle problems on a global scale leaves me optimistic about the coming decades.—M. Zappa You might want to sit down for this one. Technology. There […]

Welcome to the future: the world’s first virtual supermarket

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 Shoppers see the items on the shelves as if they were in a grocery store. If they want to purchase them, they simply scan the barcode with their smartphone (after downloading the app) and the item is placed in their online shopping cart. Once they’ve paid, they simply drive home and the items they bought are delivered to them right […]