Grateful Heart: Day 28

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Today I am grateful for Whole Foods (yes, I’m sorry) Full Fat Chicken and Ginormous Noodle Soup! This stuff is my ultimate weapon whenever I feel a cold coming on—and lord knows, I’m not letting a stupid cold mess with my New Year’s Eve! In addition to the above elixir, my arsenal includes a dash […]

Grateful Heart: Day 27

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Today is simple and sweet—I am SO grateful for my camera, which I inadvertently poured water all over and let soak for ~20 minutes (don’t ask) and has come back to life! I am grateful for my knowledgeable friends who provided a range of options from putting it in the oven at 200º to using […]

Grateful Heart: Day 26

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Today I am grateful for healing hands. There is nothing like the touch of someone who has the energy and ability to help your body find it’s proper alignment. I have a bodyworker I go to on a regular basis who is one of these people. He takes no credit for his ability and merely […]

Grateful Heart: Day 25

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Today I am grateful for the time to stop. To stop all else that I am doing and think about my day. What am I grateful for? It was one of those days that nothing leapt out yet I have so many choices of things to be grateful for. I’m grateful for work. For living […]

Grateful Heart: Day 23, Part 2

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Part Two. I’m home—2 hours early. I got there at 11:30 and all seemed very quiet. The early shift was leaving and a steady flow of new volunteers were arriving. I had expected a long line of people waiting for food but there was no one! There were many of us all ready to give […]

Grateful Heart: Day 21

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Today I’m grateful for a humorous and plentiful universe. I was asked to pick up a few ingredients for Christmas Eve dinner — one being Fuyu persimmons. I wrote back to my friend that I was pretty sure I could find everything at the store I was going to but I wasn’t sure about the […]

Grateful Heart: Day 20

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Today I am grateful for my path. I am grateful I continue to question, seek, listen, learn, and grow. I am grateful for the teachers in my life. For their challenges, support, humor, patience, wisdom, and love. I am grateful for those who bring laughter to my life and for those who bring introspection and […]

Grateful Heart: Day 19

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Today I am grateful for hearing words that are so true I feel them. You know that feeling when you hear something that is so true for you—when someone has put words to a feeling you’ve not been able to verbalize or perhaps didn’t even know you felt—there’s a physical sensation that happens with the […]

Grateful Heart: Days 16, 17, and 18

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I have been remiss in my gratitude posts. Not because I haven’t had much to be grateful for — but because I have had so much to be grateful for! So forgive me if I lump a few days into one stream-of-thought gratitude-dump. For these last three days I am grateful for my friends. I am […]

Feel Good Friday & Grateful Heart: Day 15

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For all of this (and for the amazing David Attenborough), I am grateful.