From Om to Arg

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Day 3 Yesterday I was full of insights and zen. Totally. I realized that having made the choice to not eat or drink anything (other than the shakes, water, and the occasional diet soda) makes it really easy for me to see cravings as they come, not react to them (because that’s not an option), […]

23 and 1/2 hours.

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Ack! Alright then! < my initial reaction to this video Backstory: I used to exercise religiously. I would wake up every morning before dawn and walk the 10 minutes to the gym and exercise for an hour and half–50 minutes cardio, the rest strength training and stretching. I lost a lot of weight and loved […]

Gamasutra – Features – The Top 10 Weird Children Of Video Games and Neuroscience

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  [Plenty of studies are being done which examine the effect gaming has on the brain, and independent developer and former neuroscience researcher Erin Robinson takes a look at ten particularly interesting studies to see what they can teach us. You can follow Erin’s work at, or on Twitter @Livelyivy.] via Gamasutra – Features […]

Wearable Technology

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New tech from WIMM Labs could embed itself into tiny devices that you take with you everywhere you go. What task do you need at hand? The possibilities are endless. Read on! Wearable Technology Should Be Simpler. Here Are Eight Ideas | Co. Design.