Think Different.

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Yesterday Steve Jobs died. I was at work and I know I, for one, was confused by how this news hit me. I never knew Steve Jobs but his passing made me realize we’d in fact had an intimate relationship for over 20 years. From my first computer class at Parsons till this very moment […]


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What’s harder: concepting, developing, and marketing a breakthrough product or making a huge leap forward in an existing market? Totally the breakthrough product, right? But thinking out loud here, I’d have to say it wasn’t until I read this article on Method’s philosophy that I truly appreciated what it takes to innovate in a preexisting […]

Use an Aluminum Can as A Wi-Fi Extender

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Using nothing more than an aluminum can, a utility knife, scissors, and some adhesive putty, they’ve built a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender that only takes a few very simple steps to complete. I can’t wait to try this! Via the awesome @lifehacker,  learn how now! Use an Aluminum Can as A Wi-Fi Extender.

Jugaad Urbanism

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From solar powered rickshaws to a canopy made of recycled oil cans, learn about Jugaad Urbanism — an exhibit featuring the work of urban designers inspired by the resourcefullness of ordinary citizens in India. Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know. via Jugaad Urbanism | Need To Know | PBS Video.

LifeStraw. Literally.

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Lack of access to safe drinking water contributes to the staggering burden of diarrhoeal diseases worldwide, particularly affecting the young, the immunocompromised and the poor. Nearly one in five child deaths – about 1.5 million each year – is due to diarrhoea. Diarrhoea kills more young children than AIDS, malaria and measles combined2. Drinking contaminated […]


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Brilliant. Absolutely. Brilliant. While I’ll miss paper, the future is looking bright. The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo. Thanks to @jjbert for this one!