Falling in love with inspiring people

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This is a post about a post. I love this post by Marya Zilberberg. Marya (I hope it’s ok we’re on a first-name basis) recently attended TEDMED and has posted a brief review of her experience with links to a few of her favorite speakers who she “fell in love with”. I haven’t read about each person […]

Feel Good Fridays!

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I’m going to start a new series dubbed “Feel Good Fridays.” I’m thinking it will include random things that inspire, make me laugh, remind me of the human spirit, are beautiful, and – you get the idea. If you come across any, please send them my way! For my inaugural FGF post, I bring you Danny MacAskill […]


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What’s harder: concepting, developing, and marketing a breakthrough product or making a huge leap forward in an existing market? Totally the breakthrough product, right? But thinking out loud here, I’d have to say it wasn’t until I read this article on Method’s philosophy that I truly appreciated what it takes to innovate in a preexisting […]