Week 3: Reshaping vs. embracing the self

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Reshaping Sociological accounts of the process of recovery from dependent drug use have emphasized the importance of the individual constructing a non-addict identity for themselves. via Iron Man: Addiction and the Lives We Tell | The White Noise, Scientific American Blog Network In other words: if you’re trying to break an addiction, you basically need to […]

Week 0: Here’s to being vulnerable

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Above: August 2008 (left) December 2013 (right) Several years ago I went on a medically-supervised diet and lost 120lbs. I got down to 172lbs and loved it! I’ve always been overweight and to feel my body light and strong, to be able to walk into normal clothing stores and buy (almost) whatever I wanted, to […]

Grateful Heart: Day 13

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Today, I’m thankful for serendipity (and knowing when it happens!). Like when I’m “diverted” from my route which actually ends up putting me on the right street. Or when I spill something and then realize the floor really needs a mopping (not sure if that qualifies but perhaps serendipity is as much to do with […]

Think Different.

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Yesterday Steve Jobs died. I was at work and I know I, for one, was confused by how this news hit me. I never knew Steve Jobs but his passing made me realize we’d in fact had an intimate relationship for over 20 years. From my first computer class at Parsons till this very moment […]

beauty and wisdom

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This project explores the grace and courage in which these women age in a society so heavily focused on the beauty of youth Beauty & Wisdom: a photographic study of women 70+ whose beauty & strength come from knowing who they are View this project! robbie kaye | works | beauty and wisdom.

Ten Principles to Live By

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This is some serious wisdom. Ten Principles to Live by in Fiercely Complex Times Tony Schwartz,  Harvard Business Review 1. Always challenge certainty, especially your own. 2. Excellence is an unrelenting struggle, but it’s also the surest route to enduring satisfaction. 3. Emotions are contagious, so it pays to know what you’re feeling. 4. When […]