Week 15: 50lbs, 5 Sams, and failing

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There’s nothing like a good bit of stress to put me to the test.   Sam, my love, my little fur baby, has been sick. Honestly, as someone without children, he is really like my baby. I’ve never had a connection with an animal (or a human for that matter) like the one I have […]

Vulnerability and connection

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Addictions always originate in unhappiness, even if hidden. They are emotional anesthetics; they numb pain. The “Warm Embrace” of Addiction, by Gabor Maté, MD,  is an article I read recently that made a ton of sense to me. (Note I say “me”. I truly believe this is a unique journey for each individual and I’m just putting out what […]

Afternoon dose of awesome

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The awesome Kid President.

Falling in love with inspiring people

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This is a post about a post. I love this post by Marya Zilberberg. Marya (I hope it’s ok we’re on a first-name basis) recently attended TEDMED and has posted a brief review of her experience with links to a few of her favorite speakers who she “fell in love with”. I haven’t read about each person […]

Grateful Heart: Day 20

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Today I am grateful for my path. I am grateful I continue to question, seek, listen, learn, and grow. I am grateful for the teachers in my life. For their challenges, support, humor, patience, wisdom, and love. I am grateful for those who bring laughter to my life and for those who bring introspection and […]

It’s a two-fer! Feel Good Friday Numero Uno

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Happy, happy, joy, joy! Erin Gloria Ryan put it perfectly: I won’t ruin the delight of watching the whole thing yourself, but suffice to say, their joy is contagious. If this is what happens when “traditional” families are destroyed by gay couples, then sign me up.

Grateful Heart: Day 11

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Today I am grateful for my health. Over the past few days, blogs by people who have cancer have been crossing my path. They are extraordinarily touching and inspiring, and a reminder to always “carpe diem”. Several years ago I had my own brush with mortality and can say without a doubt, I am one […]

Day 1: 30 Days with a Grateful Heart

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I’m sitting here in the Seattle airport with 2 hours until my flight leaves. So of course I go over to Facebook to see what my friends are up to. My friend Betsy posted a beautiful note about the gratitude she has for her husband and their relationship. Her post is the first of 30 […]

I am not a cat lady

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I am a cat woman! Random cute awesomeness for your enjoyment:

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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I am not a parent and cannot even begin to fathom the terror and heartache that a diagnosis of cancer would bring to a parent. Almost a decade ago, I had my own cancer scare and struggled with depression, the meaning of my life, and how to make sense of it all. I am thankfully […]