Religion, tolerance, & demon gods.

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I just finished listening to Terry Gross’s interview with C. Peter Wagner, founder and apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). I fully suspected he was going to come off as a nut case but actually found him to be quite endearing. He has tolerance. He sounds like a reasonable and kind elderly gentleman. And […]

A neuroscientist walks into a bar…

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In his article “Does the Eternal Soul Exist?”, Michael Graziano describes a condition known as hemispatial neglect as an entryway in to the conversation of whether the soul exists and what part our brains play in manifesting it. I applaud the attempt. To even grapple with the question takes cajones. The soul is ephemeral, divine, […]

Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain

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The article, “Religious factors and hippocampal atrophy in late life,” by Amy Owen and colleagues at Duke University represents an important advance in our growing understanding of the relationship between the brain and religion. The study, published March 30 in PLoS One, showed greater atrophy in the hippocampus in individuals who identify with specific religious […]